Monday, June 30, 2008


Mxyzplk Money Maker

Sites Information:

Mxyzplk Money Maker is a blog that guide you how to earn money in internet. There are also news, contests and tips for blogger. If you're looking for a tips for internet money making this sites is right place for you, or if you can share your experiences with the author. You can find that it is easy to search for contents in this blog when it has dropdown categories, search engine and archive.

Feedback for the author:
(+) about this blog:
  1. This blog layout is simple but nice
  2. Made a dropdown list for categories, nice work.
  3. Although the blog shows seven(standard numbers of posts) in the main page but it only show half of it.

(-) about this blog:
  1. Menu bar for your popular posts / for main topics posts?
  2. You still got a lot of spaces available to use!
  3. Posts title color should be different from the text links color.

  1. You have technorati, why don't you show it? you still have many spaces available to use ;)
  2. Why don't you made menu bar for you post categories? especially for posts about money making tips! :) why? Well, you blog is about money making so this help your reader faster finding your posts as well as getting attention from readers.
  3. Don't use same color for your linktext and blog title, blog title suppose to be contrast to get attention from your visitors.
  4. Simple is good but not too simple! your blog don't use black and white background. Just my opinion thou ;)

Sunday, June 29, 2008


'Story' the Great

Blog information:

This blog own by my buddy, Henry. His idea is to made this blog as a place for story sharing. Everybody can participate on it by submitting him of your great story at Your name as author would be written and you will be rewarded :)

Feed back for author:

(+) About this blog:
  1. Rewards such as entrecard credits, comments for your site and etc for submitting story.
  2. A nice place for story sharing!
  3. Easy to contact as he post his email address and joined many community. As the blog is for others to submit story, this point is important.

(-) About this blog:
  1. Labels need to be more categorized.
  2. TOO much posts in main page, its is 13 posts! if I'm correct.....
  3. The adsense ads on the left sidebar is a little annoying ;)

  1. Categorized the story that has been submitted by others. It seem ok right now since your blog is pretty new, but in future when the number of posts getting bigger, it will be problem. Example label such as: Sport, tales, etc. You can also use image button for each category of stories!
  2. Show less posts in the main page, the page load is fast enough but it is not wise to show a lot of post which will make readers confuse. Are you afraid that readers to have difficulty find those stories in archive? If you categorize the posts they will easily find stories that they want to read or add search engine.
  3. Move those ads to other spots or make it blend with the background or choose more contrast color.

Friday, June 27, 2008


The Domestic Goddess

Blog information:

This is blog is own by Crista C, a mom of two as described at her blog :) . The blog contained personal journals, news and opinions.

Feedback for Author:

(+) about this blog:

  1. Impressive Alexa rank, nice work.
  2. Several useful links.

(-) about this blog:
  1. The header, the text is invisible or did you did in on purpose? :)
  2. Posts that contained images will show down the load page.
  3. Readers difficult to find its older posts.
  1. Show less posts in main page. The blog already contained many widgets and images, moreover large the number of posts showed in main page. Those posts also contain images, flash which will slow down the load page speed.
  2. Add categories or search engine in your blog. It will be helpful for your readers.
  3. Make the header text visible.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


What topic to post?

Blogging is an activity for sharing, inform, networking in internet. Blogging is fun and It is not a bad idea to make it as your hobby. Additionally you can even make money from this hobby. The most hardest part is maintain your commitment of blogging. Many blogger (It may include me haha...) stuck in choosing of a topic to talk about.

Most of them will end up:
  1. Become a Copy CAT, browse for other peoples' content and make similar posts or even worse exactly the same one which looks like a "copy and paste" post. Watch out people might know that you copying his/her posts. In examples they might search using this site:
  2. Created multiple blogs. What is bad in this one is that the blogger can't find any topics that related to the current blog and try with another one. Making multiple blogs is good if only you can keeping up with all of them or more focus with one of them.
  3. Giving up on blogging. Given up so fast? I have nothing to say about this one, maybe you have no luck in blogging.

Here are some tips. These are what I did when I'm stuck in choosing blog topics:

Get ideas from a single word!
Try Brainstroming by viewing tags in technorati, hopefully you can get ideas for posting there:
Searching for keywords at, try to get what is hot in popular search engines such as google.

Check what is hot in my community!
Log in in mybloglog viewing "Hot in mycommunity" you can research and post about things that most of your readers interested in.

Thinking what kind of post I will make:
There are many kind of posts you can make. You might post about event or competition, tutorial, opinion and critic, story or journal, news, jokes and much more!

For closing I would like to said good luck and happing blogging for you all!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Another Entrecard Droplist

Another entrecard droplist, check it out if you're interested! Its a free traffic for you :) all you need to do is posts in there and tell your friends. Its already 28 blogs so far. This blog load pretty fast too, it a good place to drop your entrecard. What are you waiting for? quick, guarantee dropper on you everyday!

Here are the blog:

Friday, June 13, 2008


Entrecard is a community!

Ok, I have joined entrecard almost two month now and have dropping my card everyday. I had noticed that entrecard fantasticly have boosted my blog traffics! sadly the dropper usually just leave after dropped their cards. I have to agree with opinion that said dropping entrecard only increase 'quantity' of traffics not its 'quality'.

I guess the reason was that for many web surfers dropping card really time consuming. A lot of sites that offered fast loading sites list, bookmarks and others which they claimed that you could drop 300 cards in about 15 minutes.

In practices it takes more than that! especially if you don't have a fast internet connection. The connections would depend on the IsP that available in where you live in. My internet connection speed is 1Mbps, compare to yours maybe it is quite slow but is now better than before. It was at 384 Kbps!

Moreover dropping entrecard is also difficult for those who have very limited brandwidth. More drop mean extra costs to spend. If I play entrecard for money making only I would have quit long ago. No wonder there are peoples who though to offer services of dropping your entrecard. What they said is like this:

How to? "Give me your entrecard email and password"
Are they legal? "They are not forbidden I guess"
Is this a good business opportunity? "you will get profits"

If you need to give your account email and pass, I doubt it. Dear entrecard mates, have you ever try to hire someone to drop your card for you? give your account so easily? You have to remember that entrecard is not just for dropping and selling credits it is a community.

Besides if you active helping others on forum such as review their blogs, post a link, dig stumble or etc you might get more than daily dropping. It is also time consuming as dropping cards but you will see the different. Entrecard members would more likely respond to your blog!

I think that kind offer would be dead now, since they will be able to do unlimited drops with their own multiple blogs in one entrecard account. If some people still offering this kind of services, I would assumed it as a scam attempt. They can drop for their own why still offering dropping for others people?

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Entrecard Self Improvement Drop List

Another creative idea from one of entrecard members, author of this site: Better Interpersonal Communication. The idea is to drop your entrecard business card as well as improve yourself at the same time! Fast loading Self Improvement blogs and sites is now grouped into a great drop list. Don't you think it is nice that we can dropping e-card and meet others blogs or sites that have same nature/ topics at the same time?

Those who want to join this droplist will need to use button as above "Drop, Learn, Improve" and have their entrecard widget above the fold. If you are not an entrecard members I suggest you to join. Yes, it is for blogs and sites about self improvement and health!

If your sites are about self-improvement or health join the program now! here are the site:
Entrecard Self Improvement Drop List


Optimize your adsense now!

Adsense is one many of sources for money making in your sites. In order to gain more profits from ads on your sites you need to optimize your ads. How could you do that? One of many ways is trying to get attention from you visitors by changing your adsense ads to be unique and blend with the background.

I have just found distinctive adsense background on a wonderful site! The price is start from $5 but you have to imagine how many benefits you got by using them. Visit here for more detail:

Adsense Backgrounds

Friday, June 6, 2008


Michael Aulia's Blog

Blog information:

This is Michael Aulia’s personal & tech blog as the stated by the author it is for Tech news, reviews, and a geek’s ramblings. Recently he just changed his blog template ;)

His review include Application Reviews, Gadget Reviews, Games Reviews, Movie Reviews, Web Stuff Reviews and others post about tech such as browser, Freebies and entrecard tips. Are you entrecard members? Make sure you read this post:

Feedback for author:

(+) About this blog:
  1. The blog layout is just great! Very neat.

  2. Well organized of blog posts in categories.

  3. His constructive written posts.

(-) About this blog:

Too much posts show in main pages, its about twelve I think….


This one is a idea good, because you try to get a lot of feedback from visitors.

I feel that you should add a menu such as “blog's feedback” instead of categorized and mix them up as personal blogs. Nice work! Overall it is a great blog.

Thursday, June 5, 2008



Blog information:

What can you get from there?
The writer would share her travelling experiences which include pictures and personal stories. Those pictures are taken from several countries which in my opinion are pretty nice.

Recommended best for:

  1. Those who like travelling or sightseeing.
  2. Those who want view pictures taken from several countries especially in Asia.

Feedback for author:

(+) About this blog:

  1. The menu bar is really nice which allow visitors to choose post about countries which they want to read.
  2. Nice pictures you got there!

(-) About this blog:

  1. There are waste spaces in right sidebar.
  2. There is too much text in right sidebar.
  3. Need to fill form, send message on community, post comment and etc to contact.

  1. Why don’t you move fave technoarti banner and etc from the footer to fill one of the spaces in right sidebar? It will be more visible for your visitors to fave, add or join your community.
  2. Why don’t you make slideshow of pictures in your post?
  3. Add something such as shoutbox for instant feedback from visitors.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My Entrecard Droplist

Top dropper on my sites has been added automatically.

Add your site to my entrecard drop list:
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