Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here is the new program different than PTC programs. Here you must buy gold or silver bars. Each gold bar costs $ 50 and $ 25 each silver bar that can be acquired by our payment methods (Alert Pay and Paypal), you will have your bullion bars FOREVER.

You get a 20% monthly for each gold or silver bar, Examples:

You don't have money to invest in? no problem, you could also get more bars to see ads or getting referrals. Each 1000 clicks of ads or 50 referrals will get you a silver bar for FREE. Its good deal! in other PTC you will only get like let say US$ 0.1 for each 1000 clicks but here in jmgold you will get a silver bar which will give you an income of US$ 5 EACH MONTH. You will get 10 ads to click each days, so in 100 days of clicking you will get a silver bar.

What are you waiting for? Join jmgold now: