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tapirtravel, There is a lot of information about travel provided by this site. Search engine on menu which you could search information about Flights, Hotels, Cars, Vacation Rentals, Destination Guides. You may use this site as guidance for you to decide where you will go for a vacation. It also provides prices of flights, hotels and all travel costs which is excellent for you when planning trips that will fit your available funds. You will find many great deal which recommended by the site.

Information provided:

Hotels: Pictures, Prices, Location, Hotel Features, Guestrooms, Expert Tip, and more.

Flights: recommendation on what flight you should take from your city to your destination city.

Cars: Information about available transportation rental on your destination city.

Destination guide: provide you general information about city, country and area that you are planning to visit.

Vacation rentals: Search it by click the maps, then filter filling the text boxes. Then the information about from prices pictures and description of vacation rentals available on your destination will show up.

My Opinions:

(+) about this site:

  1. Complete information about travel available: reservations, flights info, hotel info, and much more.
  2. You can even search best recommendation for your trips and find vacations that fit your planned budget.
  3. Faq about Lodging
(-) about this site:
  1. Arrival city could not be found. Please check the spelling and try again: It will be better if search engine show result that similar to the input city. I see there are dropdown list when showing several airports in a city.
  2. Since there are menu bar on the top of the sites why putting text links and icons which link to the same pages?
  3. Top banner, personally I don't like it to be fixed it annoy my vision on the site. Just my own opinion though.
This site is best for:
  1. Excellent for detail information about travel using a search tools.
  2. Finding great deal for trips which fit your budget.
  3. Recommendation of which flight route you should take destination city.
  4. Searching Information of locations, city, flights and etc that you might need.


poeticnotes, It is a poetry this sites is made by its writer who wishes to share his poetry It is nominated blog at If you’re interested in poetry be the part of this sites by register on it. The registration is powered by word press, a password will be sent to you via email to email that you used to registered.

My opinions:

(+) About this site:

  1. Anyone may comment on it's posts even there is membership for this site.

  2. No ads on left, top and right frame of front page.

  3. Nice poems created by several writers.

(-) About this site:

  1. Do not have search tools and menu bar to find what you want fast. You have to search in categories links.

  2. Putting ads efficiently in each post but careful it might annoy the readers.

  3. Some fonts are too large; it’s bad for visibility of long-name commentators

Recommended best for:

  1. Poetry fans who want to find nice poems.

  2. Who want to be part / members of poetry websites?


blogpowered,This website offer you hacks, tips, blogger templates and tools to empower your blog and more important they you can get them there for FREE. Personalize your blogs using the downloadable’s templates, cool banner images, cool header fonts and much more. If you want to make your sites beautiful and unique, blogpowered is one of best sources in internet.

My Opinions:

(+) About this site:

  1. Menu bar above is categorized very well you can find what you want there.
  2. Useful tips especially blogger hack categories and header banner and fonts.
(-) About this site:
  1. Too much images on front page, it is confusing.
  2. Especially the banner image above search tool which changing time to times, when the text appear made it hard to me to click the banner.

Recommended best for:

  1. Blog writers who want to personalize their blogs, using unique and beautiful templates, image header banner and awesome fonts.
  2. Those who want hacks tips to optimize their blogs.
  3. Entrecard members who want to join events.


FAQ and tips

Frequently ask question (FAQ)
Q: I don't like your review about my site
A: Don't worry I will remove it

Q: May I request more than one sties for being reviewed?
A: You may request as many times as you want but 1 review/request.

Q: How long requested review would be done?
A: I can't guarantee this but first come first serve.

Q: Is the review up to date?
A: I will try my best to made it happen.


  1. Keep my review about your sites up to date by inform me if there are any changes or major upgrades in your sites. I will visit your sites at least once a month.
  2. You may provide links about my review or join my mybloglog community, It would be appreciated. People might comment my review about your sites here and it is also an feedback for you.
  3. Tell friends about this blog, but you don't have to its my own responsibility to find any interested people for getting their sites reviewed.


Cute Leah Dizon

This blog is about a celebrity Leah Dizon. It presents many things about her such as her profile, Video, cute pictures of Leah and Sexy Photoshoot! If you fans of her make sure you don’t miss this blog when surfing internet.

What are in this blog?
  1. Leah Dizon videos.
  2. Sexy images of Leah Dizon.
  3. Profile of Leah Dizon.
PS: It’s not an adult blog.

My opinions:
(+) About this blog:
  1. There are no auto plays in this blog’s video, so it is less of lag.
  2. Nice collection of Leah’s pictures and video.
(-) About this blog:
  1. Only profile of Leah available, not much information about her such as news, and etc.
  2. Categories of content are not yet well organized.
  3. Image can be grabbed easily but for youtube video if you want to download it you need to have extra steps for it.
Recommended best for:
  1. Leah Dizon fans who would like to have images and videos of her.
  2. Those who collecting cute and sexy girls’ pictures & video.

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what is network community?

Want to meet new friends? In internet you can meet peoples from around the world. You can create a website or blog to express your feeling. You can also be members of internet forums; you can do chat using msn. Those are called social networking.

What? You don't have much time? register to websites which provide you a page for you to write down your profile, share your video, Image, etc. It is almost no need of understanding any Html, PHP code or other similar ones. You could meet old friends or even meet new friends, add your friends there so you can keep in touch with them wherever in earth they are. Sending message, post a bulletin and much more!

You can just send e-mail to contact your friend if they are far away, yes but if you registered on those websites you can search and found some old friends which you haven't meet for years. Be the part of network society by registered at these sites:
friendster, facebook, myspace,


anime-source, a sites that had anime episodes reviewed by its members. It also provided complete information about a lot of anime from Studio, Length, Year, Genre, short desciption, links to official websites, songs, images and much more on their review database.

Threre are several online manga free to read, access for those manga depends on user level:
Level 1: Free to everyone.
Level 2: Available to members only.
Level 3: Available to members with 10 points.
Level 4: Available to members with 50 points.
Level 5: Not available at this time.

List of lvl 1 manga (free)
Kimagure Orange Road, A Bat in Blue Sky, Addicted to Curry, Arcana, Cross Over, Devil & Devil, Hajime no Ippo, Hanako to Guuwa no Tera, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Hot Milk, Inu Neko Jump, Kannagi, Lilim Kiss, Little Busters!, Mahoraba, Mirai Nikki - Future Diary, Mirai Nikki Mosaic, Mx0, Open Sesame, Parfait Tic, Raiden-18, REC, Ryuuroden, Salad Days, Shin Angyo Onshi, Tende Freeze, Umisho. This list might change anytime by the sites owner, check the list.

My opinions:
(+) About this site:
  1. New anime listing in forum.
  2. Helpful anime review database and anime Encyclopedia.
(-) About this site:
  1. I don't like that the log in box are on top left corner of page.
  2. No search filter for manga, the series is sort by alphabet.
  3. To read some manga need registeration.

Recommended best for:
  1. Finding information about an anime
  2. Anime and manga fans
  3. manga Publisher or manga artist who want feedback from their fans

Image from taken from:


readmanga, A websites that provide manga scan for you to read it online, free. The sites using manga viewer 1.2 Alpha to let the user view available mangas without downloading it. The most popular series among all in this site is fullmetal alchemist.

List of manga:

Fullmetal Alchemist, Ichigo 100%, Katsu, H2, Hiatari Ryoukou, Kimi no Kakera, Yakitate!! Japan, Gakuen Heaven, Gintama.

My opinions:

(+) About this site:

  1. Useful manga viewer 1.2 Alpha.
  2. No registration needed to read any mangas.
  3. No ads.
  4. Request your favorite manga on the sites. I haven't try this one and I don't know whether they will respond it well or not.

(-) About this site:

  1. Very limited numbers of mangas available.
  2. Site update rarely occurs.
Recommended best for:
  1. Online manga readers
  2. Fast view manga online
  3. Fullmetal alchemist fans

- Screenshot image taken from


What is blog?

Create your own blog now! Many internet browsers nowadays has start to make their own little world in the internet, they start by creating website or blogging, usually they started with an single idea. Blog is also a place to sound your opinions or interest. Its totally up to the writer whether they want to make it for opening business online like or personal blog for their family or friends and much more.

I suggest createawebsite or blogger for beginners because it's free. Nowadays blogging is not only for hobbies but it also could be use for money making. If you already mastered them , you can start buying a domain name for your website, if you have great ideas maybe you can be a millionaire?

Ps: If you have any blogs that you want to be reviewed in here, just comment here or shout at me. Yup, Its free.

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mangadownload, About 700+ Series for free with some only available for private section, It worth a visit. Be active in its forum or you could donate $5 or more, the sites would grant you access for private section., a forum of this sites.

Free series: Salad Days, Doraemon, To-LOVE-Ru, Lilim Kiss, Sekirei, Homunculus, Hajime no Ippo
and much more.

Private Section: Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Detective Conan, Bleach, Evangelion, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Inu Yasha, Love Hina, Gantz, Fruits Basket, Ranma 1/2, Fullmetal Alchemist, Flame Of Recca and much more.

My opinions:

(+) of this site:

  1. Less annoying popup message, tracking cookies or ads.
  2. More than 700 series available and it keep increase in number.
  3. Filter section is helpful in searching manga that we want.
  4. It is direct download sites, so that you will not be transferred to others file sharing sites.

(-) of this site:

  1. There are some mangas in Private section could be download in other sites for free.
  2. Need registration to download.

Recommended best for:
  1. Manga collectors
  2. Active online manga fans
PS:This sites is only for mangascan, no anime movie available.

- Screenshot image taken from


Anime and manga?

Manga or comic are an artistic and storytelling book which contain pictures. Anime is a term for Japanese animation usually displayed as movies.

There are manga or comic in internet that we could read online or download it to our PC. This had become a trends and it is old news for anime fans. Those manga are usually free and often had been translated into English, every pages on those manga would be scanned and saved into image format. For anime its usually in video format.

More about anime and manga at: (Anime) (Manga)

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yahoo is one of popular websites on internet which also provided a search engine. Similar as it also provide image search engine.
This is yahoo image search to search any images that match the keyword. It also have advance search on it.
Yahoo's video search and it advance search.
This site is for buying Sponsored Search, which is an ad for your website on yahoo search engine.
Those sites on search engine are not automatically added, you might want to Submit your site on yahoo search engine with on this site.

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When you go to a certain websites in internet be careful, make sure you get into the correct address of the website. Case that happened years ago In Indonesia: is website of BCA, It is an Indonesia bank which is well-known for its online banking services in the whole nation. The Phiser try to catch their victims who made a simple mistake in typing.

Common typo mistake in browsing internet: -The real site - Phising site

Readmore for more (In Indonesian Language):


What is phising?

Beware of phising sites! I’m sure that everyone knows fishing what is, phising is like fishing.In internet, phising is a scam attempt to acquire user’s crucial information such as username, password and credit card numbers. Those who do phising are called Phiser.

Phiser try to fool their victims by sending manipulated email, fake websites and etc. They made those manipulated websites, e-mails which are almost similar with the real ones that the targeted person would fall for it. Usually they pretend to be trusted websites, famous online shop and etc.

More about Phising at:

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There are tons of websites in internet, believe it or not you will get lost when surfing internet! I find out many people searching in internet using search engine, visited sites by sites but cannot get what they really want.

Therefore how nice if they could have review of websites and blogs from someone who could share their experience. This blogs are made for this purpose. Currently I offer for anyone to get their blogs or websites review by me for free.

Why you should get your sites or blogs reviewed?
  1. Review would give you feedback about your sites or blogs.
  2. My review will include recommendations about worthy things in your sites contents.
  3. Your sites would likely get a "free promotion" from this blog, I will have link of your websites and its contents in my post review about your sites.

Why you need review?
  1. To find best websites which are sources for what you interested in.
  2. Instead of spending time visiting sites by sites, I will recommend sites that fitting for what you really want.
  3. Information about other interesting sites.

Websites and blogs owner you might want a review? requested it by:

  1. Comment on this post, or give me a shout.
  2. Give me your websites or blog address which you want to be review.
  3. Tell me what language would you like for the review (English or Indonesian)
Read more

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Google is one of most popular search engine in internet. Google also have advance search which you can set up options to specify your search. If you want to search images google also had an images search engine for that purpose.
In this advance search you can find what you looking for more accurate moreover, it allow you to set up how many results per page when running the search engine.

This image search would allow you to search any images that match the keyword. It also have
advance search on it.

This is for video search on google and its advance video
google blog search

Those sites on search engine are not automatically added
If you are owner of a website or blog and want to publish it into google search engine here is the site.

Many advertiser buying ad in internet to boost their sites traffic (Visitors).
Here is the site to advertise your website on google search engine, you only pay when people click your ad.

More about google at:

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What is search engine?

There are tons of websites on internet; it is hard to find what you want without help of any tools. Search engines are tools that you can use to search on the web through your keywords.

Nowadays many websites provide search engine in their page, mostly for finding any content on it which match the keywords. Keywords are words that you input into the search engine to find any websites that contain those words, the search engine then display the result which would be sort by relevance. There are websites which provide a search engine for searching other websites.

Recently popular web search engines are:
Guide to use best search engine for what you need at:

Learn more about search engine at:

Submit your sites to multiple search engine at: