Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here is the new program different than PTC programs. Here you must buy gold or silver bars. Each gold bar costs $ 50 and $ 25 each silver bar that can be acquired by our payment methods (Alert Pay and Paypal), you will have your bullion bars FOREVER.

You get a 20% monthly for each gold or silver bar, Examples:

You don't have money to invest in? no problem, you could also get more bars to see ads or getting referrals. Each 1000 clicks of ads or 50 referrals will get you a silver bar for FREE. Its good deal! in other PTC you will only get like let say US$ 0.1 for each 1000 clicks but here in jmgold you will get a silver bar which will give you an income of US$ 5 EACH MONTH. You will get 10 ads to click each days, so in 100 days of clicking you will get a silver bar.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010


NeoBux The Innovation in Paid for Clicks

If you are looking a way to make money online, PTC is one of many ways. Beware of scams, some sites that didn't paid or give what they promised. Now Neobux is the most popular PTC sites and it is trustworthy. Neobux has run its bussiness over 2 years and has Over 3 Million Users and has paid more than US$ 18 million. It might be even more that that when you read this post because the amount increase everyday.

Neobux PTC provide new faces and fresh air in the world of Pay To Click (PTC). When you account balance reaches $ 2, you could do cashout. Unlike other PTC site, Neobux payout is instant via paypal and alert pay. For those who find that its hard to get direct refferals, at Neobux, you can rent refferals which will click and you will earn money from each time they click. This is actually more profitable for us as a member without any refferals.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Olympic Games 2008

If you are looking for gallery, records, news and anything about olympic games 2008. Here is the best site. Organizing Committee have made a Official site for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games:

Weather information of Beijing at right frame of the site:

News, Schedules & Results, Athletes & Teams information, Photo Gallery, Video, free wallpaper, tickets information and much more.

Olympic game 2008 wallpaper